Dear Ones,

As an advocate for your well-being, I would like to offer a message of empowerment in this time of uncertainty. We have all been bombarded with messages of fear and social distancing. I suggest that we consider a broader perspective, one that considers our consciousness.

Stress lowers our immune system response and causes inflammation, which is at the root of most disease. We know that our beliefs and state of mind powerfully impact our reality. 

I suggest that we notice where we are operating from. Where is our level of fear relative to commonsense precautions?

Our times of greatest challenge are often also our times of greatest transformation.

“Fear does not stop death, it stops life.” – Vi Keeland
“And worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.” -Randy Armstrong

I believe there are wonderful opportunities in every situation.

I see our present situation as a call for awareness and re-evaluation of our current ways of being in the world. Do we call on our inner strength and work together with others, or contract in fear?

We can notice :

  • how we tend to respond to stress
  • how dependent we are on our infrastructure, which many experts believe is fragile
  • how much or little we know about how to take care of ourselves, such as our ability to identify and use medicinal and edible plants, how to grow our own food, or even how to use the culinary spices in our kitchen as herbal remedies

We can take this time to expand our knowledge and skills into new areas, to reconnect with the beauty and inspiration of nature.

Now is a wonderful time to extend our support to others, especially the more vulnerable elder population. Service to others is known to decrease anxiety and depression. Service and gratitude can flip the switch, from negative thoughts, which suppress the immune system, to positive thoughts, which have a beneficial effect on every cell in our bodies.

Each thought, action and word is a choice, going out into the world like a prayer.

Let’s look for and be open to the opportunities before us…
  • to work together toward the sharing of resources and knowledge in our communities
  • to notice our level of gratitude for the good in our lives, including our connections and support
  • to nurture our inner world and the creative parts of ourselves
If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude, a feeling that nurtures the soul.” -Rabbi Harold Kushner

Let’s learn to better honor and listen to our body, and to trust its innate wisdom and ability to heal.

Let’s give our body the proper support it needs and deserves to function well.

Let’s take this time to remember what’s truly important. And to ground ourselves in our connection with the Higher Intelligence/ Divine, with the deep faith, peace and compassion that is beyond the circumstances of this world.

I believe there are many ways to empower ourselves in these trying times.

I suggest we stay calm, care for and listen to our bodies, and have fun out in the fresh air and sunshine. And of course, take the recommended precautions of frequent hand-washing and disinfecting, and avoiding close contact with others. Then we will be doing our part to keep ourselves and others healthy. 

Together, lets reclaim our true nature of unlimited creativity, joy and fulfillment.

With Love… Cindy

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