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Energy Healing with AmpCoil & Genius Quantum BioFeedback

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Einstein, Tesla and Quantum physics teaches us that all matter is comprised of energy/frequency. We can use specific individualized frequencies to retune our unique body, mind and spirit, to a coherent/healthy frequency, bringing us back to our optimal state of being.

Remote and in-person energy healing: Elevate, energize, and balance your spirit, mind, and body with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, Light and Sound Modalities (AmpCoil) and Genius Quantum BioFeedback. The Ampcoil is ideal when you need an emotional, immunity, or energy boost, better feeling joints, improved organ health or better sleep. Quantum Biofeedback provides balancing frequencies for all body systems and allows you insight into life issues.


The AmpCoil is a Tesla-based PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) device. The AmpCoil helps support your healing journey by using bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation, (like the healing magnetic waves of the earth), to support damaged tissues and bone, to balance emotions, ease physical pain, and even stimulate organ function.

The Ampcoil is used either alone or in conjunction with the Genius Quantum Biofeedback for Energy Healing Sessions. Both modalities use the voice and image to inform as to the best programs to balance and support. The Ampcoil delivers healing frequencies in the form of sound, light, microcurrent and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency (PEMF). PEMF is used in hospitals and clinics all over the world and on the international space station. The programs can be chosen either from the Ampcoil Better Guide App or the Genius App. Both holistically address body, mind and spirit. The Genius is often used to identify the subconscious patterns underlying a specific issue.

The intention for the session is discussed beforehand and used to personalize the session for the client’s specific priorities and needs.

Discover AmpCoil – A Modern Wellness Tool

Whether you’re endeavoring to balance the microbiome, seeking emotional equilibrium, or achieve optimal performance, the Tesla-based PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) AmpCoil will help support your aspiration.

The AmpCoil uses bursts of low-level electromagnetic radiation to support damaged tissues and bone, to balance emotions, increase circulation, ease physical pain, and even stimulate organ function.


A Tuning Fork For The Body

Chronic Pain

PEMF has been shown to measurably reduce pain from chronic pain conditions sus as fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS)

Sports Injuries

PEMF therapy has been shown to reduce or eliminate symptoms from common sports injuries, such as rotator cuff tears.


Research has demonstrated the PEFM therapy can improve osteoarthritis and heal damaged bone.


Undergoing PEMF therapy has been shown to improve sleep.

Sports Vitality

PEMF has been used to increase physical energy.

Immune Function

Using PEMF therapy can enhance immune function.

Genius Quantum BioFeedback

The Genius Quantum BioFeedback technology allows Cindy to assess her clients in many different areas based on their voice and picture. You can learn more about yourself on physical, energetic and consciousness levels. The accompanying frequencies that the Genius provides, based on your analysis, bring you the best energetic upgrades for you to maximize your results on your health and healing journey to reclaim your clarity, vitality and full potential!

How does Quantum BioFeedback work?

Use frequency to shift your life! The Genius Biofeedback system uses the technology currently available called Quantum Biofeedback. This type of technology interacts with the energetic field (biofield) of the person. It evaluates the biofield using the voice and picture. The voice energy signature conveys immense amounts of information, physical and energetic.

The Genius program analyzes all the information, which Cindy then uses to create programs of frequencies for the client, according to their desired goals.This can be done through the Ampcoil, wrist bands, listening to the frequencies in person or a recording, or through the Quantum field. After sending the frequencies to the client, it provides feedback including the levels of Harmony, Alignment and Energy Flow.

Energy Healing Consultations

*In-Person Session*

If you are outside the Asheville area and is not available for an in-person session, check out the available online sessions below.

Can’t come to Asheville, NC? No problem!
We can do this via Remote Sessions . . .

Everything in our world/universe is 99.9999% energy according to Einstein, Tesla and quantum physics. The Entanglement Theory teaches us that distance does not diminish the impact of energetic effects between molecules. This applies to people as well, as in the case of a person praying for another from far distances is as effective as someone holding a vision or praying for someone at their bedside. Lynn McTaggart has many university research studies supporting this phenomena (if you would like to do a little research on this.

Remote sessions and consultations typically include additional resources and recommendations for continuation of the work.

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