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Do you feel there must be a better way to be in your body/your life?

Do you seek a holistic path to a truly vibrant life – addressing body, mind and spirit?

Are you ready to clear blockages and open to your life’s potential?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Cindy has put much care into creating the healing space of Natural Health Asheville. Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, NC. Cindy offers a comprehensive toolbox of traditional modalities and state-of-the-art technologies to people seeking better health and vitality all over the world! Most services are offered both in person and remotely.

Let Cindy guide you to becoming the Whole potential of who you truly are!

You can (and deserve to) …. Love Your Life!

As a Natural Health Practitioner, Cindy is certified in many modalities (of which you can see more here).

Energy Healing Sessions: AmpCoil & Quantum BioFeedback

Remote and in-person energy healing. Elevate, energize, and balance your spirit, mind, and body with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, Light and Sound Modalities (AmpCoil) and Genius Quantum BioFeedback. The Ampcoil is ideal when you need an emotional, immunity, or energy boost, better feeling joints, improved organ health or better sleep. Quantum Biofeedback provides balancing frequencies for all body systems and allows you insight into life issues.

AmpCoil: Shift Your Vibration!

The AmpCoil is a Tesla-based PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) device. The AmpCoil can help support your healing journey by using bursts of low-level electromagnetic frequencies, (the same healing magnetic waves the earth provides), to support damaged tissues and bone, bring emotional balance, improve digestion, immune functions and sleep, facilitate detoxing, reduce physical discomfort, and even support organ functioning.

Genius Quantum BioFeedback: Get Unblocked!

The Genius Quantum BioFeedback technology uses voice analysis to provide information on the energetics of your body, mind and spirit. This enables you to learn more about yourself on a deeper energetic level, to gain awareness of and address mental and emotional blocks. The Genius then provides balancing frequencies that can energetically upgrade and support your healing journey. This allows you to shift your life in a powerful way – to embody your full potential of health, happiness and fulfillment in every area of your life.

Holistic Life Coaching: Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

Cindy’s Holistic Life Coaching empowers you to identify, reframe and address the thoughts, beliefs and habits that have been holding you back. Partnering with Cindy, you receive the support, tools, and accountability to move into your full potential for joy, passion and fulfillment, with clarity and confidence on your ever expanding life journey.

Nutritional Coaching: Get Your Customized Nutrition Plan

Coaching around nutrition can be done both remotely and in-person. Usually accompanied with the Zyto Food BioScan, you will receive holistic nutritional guidance and coaching for weight management and other challenges that you may be feeling. She provides a detailed personalized plan including the best water to drink, seasonal food choices, foods for gut health, recipes, and so much more, to enhance your health and quality of life.

Herbal Consultations

Herbs are concentrated medicinal foods that have been used safely for thousands of years. Modern prescription drugs are based on herbs. They help balance us entirely– body, mind and spirit. Consultations include herbal, lifestyle and dietary recommendations, plus a whole lot more!

ZYTO BioScan Consultation: Discover What Your Body Needs!

Create your personalized plan to rediscover vibrant health. The ZYTO is approved by the FDA as a class 2 Biomedical device that uses Galvanic Skin Response – the same technology used in biofeedback and lie detector tests. Cindy offers remote and in-person consultations, providing you with a personalized action plan for every area of your lifestyle. This FDA approved, comprehensive, State-of-the-Art technology takes the guesswork out of your supplement and lifestyle choices. Let science provide the answers directly from your body to make informed decisions on supplements, foods, services, exercises, and more. Save time and money on your journey to greater wellbeing with Zyto Biocommunication.

Iridology Reading and Consultation: Your Eyes Are Mirrors!

An iridology reading can provide valuable insight into the underlying causes of imbalances even before they manifest in the body. Iridology was taught at Harvard Medical School until the 1930’s when more invasive technologies, such as X-rays, became available and is still a valued health care modality in many countries. Iridology can provide information on toxic accumulation, circulation and overall level of energy of your all your organs and body systems.

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

As a certified BQH Practitioner, Cindy uses relaxation, guided meditation, and constructive hypnosis techniques to help clients settle into the Alpha and Theta brain states where one can access deeper knowing and guidance.

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