Detox Support

Our modern world is filled with toxicants from our food, environment, building materials, household chemicals, xenoestrogens and man made electromagnetic pollution, (EMF). Most of us greatly benefit from a detoxing protocol a couple times per year.

Personalized Detox Protocol

Cindy uses Muscle Response Testing and Biocommunication to create a personalized protocol for your cleansing/detoxing needs. This may include foods, supplements, health practices and referral for supportive services such as colonics, lymphatic drainage or infrared sauna.

Ionic Foot Baths

An ionic foot bath detox charges the water with negative ions which can help draw toxins out of the body through the feet. Negative ions support your body’s ability to cleanse the cells and release free radicals. This may increase energy and mood as well. more alkaline by detoxifying it.


👣 Can help balance the body’s pH level
👣 Can support release of heavy metals from the body
👣Can support mood and mental clarity
👣Can improve joint stiffness
👣Can improve sleep

In-Person Sessions (40-minutes)

NOTE: You can create your own package of two or more services and receive a 10% discount

You can also book a free discovery call…

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