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Water is Fundamental to Life

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Health?

Water is the most abundant substance on the planet and is fundamental to all life. Our bodies are composed mostly of water. It is necessary for many physiological and biochemical processes in the body as well as detoxification and waste removal. Why then have we strayed so far from having healthy drinking water? Conventional water treatment mechanically and chemically damages our water. Could this be one of the root causes of our modern health crisis?

Ancient wisdom referred to natural water as ‘Living Water’ and understood it’s life giving qualities. Water in pristine nature is pure, energized and rich in minerals. It flows in spirals, cleansing itself and generating electromagnetic energy, which is inherent in all living things. As rain falls it generates electricity which then gives the electrical energy to the plants. Did you ever notice how much better your garden responds to rain than water from a garden hose? Or how clean the air smells after a rain storm.

Nature Knows Best

Viktor Shauberger was an Austrian Naturalist and inventor who is being rediscovered and studied by scientists today. He found that water moving naturally in a river or stream is generating electricity. But when the same water is directed into a straight trough, it quickly becomes ‘dead water’ with little electrical charge. Viktor said, “Copy and Comprehend Nature.”

Here is one of my favorite water videos Callum Coats explaining Viktor Shauberger’s philosophies.

The Human Battery

We are essentially a human battery and need to be recharged regularly. Every organ and cell in our body uses electricity for it’s functioning. Brain scans (EEG’s) measure the electrical energy in the brain. (ECG’s/EKG’s) measure the electricity of the heart.

We also need electrolytes, (trace minerals) for the water to energetically work correctly and to conduct electricity in the body. Many, if not all conventional water filtering systems remove the minerals. Water bottled in plastic spurs environmental concerns and can contain carcinogenic chemicals from the bottling process as well as out gassing from plastic bottles.

Dr Pollack is a top water research scientist and author of the ground breaking book, “The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor”. It explains the importance of living, structured water, which he calls ‘exclusion zone‘ (EZ) water. This water is H302, rather than H20 which he refers to as bulk water. EZ water is negatively ionized charged water which acts as an antioxidant in the body, holding and delivering energy to the cells. Energized structured pure water is necessary for optimal hydration, pH, assimilation, metabolism and to support the body’s ability to detox.

Doctors and other Health Professionals have begun to see that many people are suffering from ‘chronic subclinical/low grade dehydration’, which is associated with most all health conditions. Some top Doctors/researchers in the field, such as Dr. Zach Bush, are saying that most everyone is profoundly dehydrated, which is associated with most all health conditions. Their studies show that hydration has more to do with the body’s ability to accept the water into the cells rather than how much we drink.

Dr. Bush has been working with a ‘State of the Art’ technology called ‘Phase Angle Analysis’. It measures the intracellualar hydration and conductivity of the body, which is considered a strong indicator of health and longevity.

Neutralize Free Radicals for Optimal Health

Most people are becoming aware of how pH is a major factor in aging and inflammation. pH is the potential of hydrogen.

According to Dr. Zach Bush, water is the main carrier of hydrogen and oxygen into the cells, which are highly antioxidant and anti-aging. Structured water has molecular hydrogen that is a very strong antioxidant and anti- inflammatory, and enables the mitochondria to create the energy needed for cellular repair and replacement of damaged cells. Typical tap water and much of the filtered water is positively charged, and have unstable hydrogen that acts as an oxidant to the body, causing free radical damage and inflammation.

Energized / structured water being very antioxidant and alkalizing, is very important for optimal health and longevity. Fresh spring water, from a clean source is what I consider the best water to drink and bathe in. The major benefits tend to dissipate fairly quickly, so one would need to get the water every few days. But this is not possible for most of us.

The Solution:

After studying water and talking to experts for years, I have found what I believe is the best solution to create your own ‘energized, structured, mineralized water’.

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