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Get your personalized plan to rediscover vibrant health!
The ZYTO is approved by the FDA as a class 2 Biomedical device that uses Galvanic Skin Response – the same technology used in biofeedback and lie detector tests. Zyto allows your body to communicate it’s stressors, (items that can be taking your body out of balance), information on organs and emotions, and your balancers – supplements, foods, exercises, services, flower essences and more.
Herbs are concentrated medicinal foods, used safely and effectively for thousands of years. Modern pharmaceuticals are based on these herbs. Zyto appointments include herb and supplement recommendations, based on the information provided by the Zyto Scan and also Muscle Response Testing, (MRT). MRT is a simple, noninvasive method used by natural doctors and practitioners all over the world. It is based on the fact that your muscles respond to beneficial items by being strong, and respond to non-beneficial items by becoming weak. You may also choose a more indepth Herbal Consultation. This would evaluate each body systems’ needs and include a program of the herbs and supplements that best work together synergistically to address your health concerns.

Cleansing is an important part of an effective health protocol. Cindy focuses on assessing and supporting your organs and channels of elimination in doing their job adequately. Cindy understands the often neglected, but delicate and important balance between cleansing and building, utilizing both the optimal timing and amount for each individual clients needs. She utilizes the Ampcoil, iTerra wand, Chi Machine, Ionic Foot Detox Bath, restructured water, herbs and supplements to assist your body in releasing and eliminating toxins to allow your cells and organs to work optimally.

With this extensive information, Cindy creates a personalized and comprehensive action plan to provide recommendations for every aspect of your lifestyle.

This consultation can be done from anywhere!
Cindy offers remote and in-person assessments and consultations using this effective

ZYTO Wellness technology.

Create Your Personalized Plan to Rediscover Vibrant Health.
The ZYTO is approved by the FDA as a class 2 Biomedical device that uses Galvanic Skin Response – the same technology used in biofeedback and lie detector tests. It allows your body to communicate its challenges and its preferred balancers.

Save money by using science to communicate with your body rather than guessing at the best supplements, foods, exercise, modalities, and services to use to detox and build greater health.


Make Better Decisions

Along with determining your body’s coherence to products scanned for, a ZYTO bioscan can provide a wealth of additional information about the body. ZYTO reports can reveal correlations, patterns, and trends that you were scanned for. The ZYTO scan offers a non-invasive way to ‘“look inside” your body and its general condition. It does this by scanning hundreds of items using biomarkers and digital signatures identifying virtual items. Some of the things analyzed include:

⦁ The Nervous System
⦁ Mental Emotional Stress
⦁ Hormone & Endocrine System
⦁ Detoxification System
⦁ Immune System
⦁ Diet and Nutrition
⦁ Digestive System
⦁ Hydration
⦁ Inflammation
⦁ Chemical and Environmental Toxicants
⦁ Emotions
⦁ Organs

Stimuli that affect bodily functions, such as pathogens, electromagnetic fields, allergens, lifestyle, metals, and foods are also capable of being evaluated.

ZYTO’s proprietary software analyzes GSR data for patterns of coherence – looking for the ways your GSR readings change or shift in response to an innovative algorithm.
The ZYTO bioscan relies on galvanic skin response (GSR) – also known as electrodermal activity (EDA) – an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. A familiar use of GSR is the lie detector test (polygraph).

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