Who is Cindy?


Cindy trained and received her Iridology Certification under master Herbalist and Iridologist, Darlene Haberer, along with

Cindy Graham, dedicated to your path to Health

Steven Horne, previous president of the American Herbalist Guild, for over 12 years and has been consulting since 2011 in beautiful Asheville , NC.

Cindy received her Yoga Teacher Certification under Christine Kaoverii Weber in 2007 and has taught Level 1 and Level 2 Flow classes as well as Restorative classes at several yoga studios, retirement centers, and the Prama Institute. She also provides individual Yoga Therapy sessions to private clients.

She has taught classes on Conscious Eating, Food Preparation (both cooked and live), and Nutrition for Yoga Teacher trainings at Namaste Yoga, Prama Institute, One Center Yoga, and Yoga Teacher trainings in the Charlotte NC area since 2007.

Her passion is to inspire her clients from their particular level of knowledge, interest and need, reminding them that their body has the innate wisdom to reverse most any condition, given the proper support.

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