Herbs & Supplements

My search for the highest quality supplements to offer my clients led me to Nature’s Sunshine Products, Deseret Biologicals (Des Bio) and Nano Soma. Taking herbs, nature’s remedies, is one of the simplest ways to transform your health.

Des Bio

Developed by World Class Medical Experts

Des Bio is an innovative company that has been offering the highest quality products direct to healthcare professionals for over 30 years. They specialize in sophisticated combination protocols, developed by world class medical experts, that feature their 3 synergistic pillars of natural health – homeopathy, nutrition and botanicals. They offer liposomal nutritional products which are optimally bioavailable, and a cutting edge anti-aging skin care line. They have the most comprehensive protocols and educational support that I have found.

Nano Soma bottle and label

What is Nano Soma®


Nano Soma® is a policosanol extract made from natural food based ingredients. Policosanol is a combination of long-chain aliphatic alcohols found in many common foods such as apples, broccoli, peanuts, wheat and sugarcane.

The policosanol in Nano Soma® is a nano emulsion, which enables it to create homeostasis  by acting on the nuclear receptors present in the nucleus of each and every cell of the body. Nuclear receptors have been found to be key in a myriad of physiological functions – development, metabolism and reproduction, such as diabetes, obesity, and cancer. The father of pathology, Rudolf Virchow, wrote, “All diseases are reducible to passive or active disturbances of cells”. And eminent cell biologist E.B. Wilson reflected this when he stated, “The key to every biological problem must finally be sought in the cell”. Nano Soma® is designed to do just that – create homeostasis in the cell. 


Why Use Nano Soma® ?

Improves the immune system

Retrains the Genome

Enables increase of Vitamin C without taking supplements

Expresses more than 260 genes that can help with brain issues such as Parkinson’s and stroke

Assists wound healing

Improves Longevity/is anti-aging

Reduces inflammation and pain of muscles and joints

Increases Testosterone levels 

Defends against viruses and bacteria

Increases cognitive functions

Increases energy

Rejuvenates skin

Repairs organs and blood vessels

Nature’s Sunshine Products

Setting the Standards for the Industry

Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP), has been offering premium vitamins and supplements since 1972. NSP spends millions of dollars each year on rigorous testing, setting the quality standards for the industry. Their expert formulations are tried and true, and are now available in 26 markets around the world. They offer more than 500 supplements including herbal formulas, single herbs, vitamins, minerals, weight loss products, essential oils, protein powders and much more. NSP’s longevity is proof of their quality, dedication, innovation and wise business management. Their expertise, proven quality, and consistent results are why they are trusted and recommended by customers and Natural Health Practitioners around the world.