10 Tips to Prevent Colds and Flu

Don’t be Caught with Your Defenses Down:                                  

The CDC reports unusually high rates of Influenza worldwide and that it is one of the greatest public health challenges today.


I’m going to share with you effective tips to stay cold and flu free!



10 Tips to Prevent Colds and Flu


1) Shoot for 8 hours of sleep each night.

Studies show that  8+ hours of sleep each night supports immune health. And the hours before midnight are worth double.

2) Minimize or better yet, eliminate sweets, refined foods, dairy and caffeine as much as possible.

Sugar and high glycemic foods greatly suppress the immune system and create a favorable environment for undesirable bacteria.

3) Eat lightly, finishing eating by 6 pm to enable your body to be done digesting while you sleep. That way your body can put it’s full energy into healing and repairing all your organs and body systems.

4) Try to have your diet as close to 70% veggies as you can, especially fresh and in season.

5) Eat soups with bone broth, lots of veggies and warming pungent herbs such as ginger, cayenne, garlic and onions.

6) Thump your thymus. It’s located about 2 ½ inches below the notch at the base of the throat. Pat with the pads of fingers for ½ to 3 minutes each day to stimulate your immune system.

7) Epsom salt detox baths can be powerful prevention, using 1-2 cups Epsom salts, 2 tsp powdered ginger, and eucalyptus, lavender, or thyme essential oil. Stay in 20 minutes for your pores to open and toxins to be pulled out. Enjoy ginger or catnip tea before and during the bath to encourage your body to sweat out toxins.

8) Use supplements to support your immune system such as Vitamins C and D3, Elderberry, Red Clover tea, and colloidal or nano silver.

9) Drink lemon water upon waking, with stevia drops. (Stevita brand is made from the fresh pressed leaves which is much better than tinctures or alcohol based stevia supplements). Both lemon and stevia are very alkalizing and lemon is very cleansing and high in potassium, electrolytes and vitamin C.

10) Apply peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme and/or oregano essential oils to the neck and soles of feet to keep immune system strong. All these oils except peppermint need to be diluted at approximately 1 drop per tsp of carrier oil.


Imagine a winter with not so much as a sniffle. How about a whole year?


Now you can begin these healthier lifestyle practices to keep you and your family feeling great all year round


And the best news is that all these practices are

wonderful for overall health

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