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Do you want greater vitality and more vibrant health?

Do you feel there must be a better way to be in your body/your life?

Are you disappointed with conventional approaches not addressing the root cause?

Do you seek a holistic path to a truly vibrant life – addressing body, mind and spirit?

Are you ready to clear blockages and open to your life’s potential?

You Deserve to Love Your Life –

What is Holistic Wellness?

While holistic wellness includes physical wellness, it also means being emotionally and energetically balanced. The holistic coaching and energy balancing sessions with Cindy, address the various facets of life and health : nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mindfulness, mental/emotional wellness, guiding you to a place where you love every aspect of your life.

Using a combination of time tested traditional modalities and cutting-edge technologies, Cindy identifies the root causes of imbalance, a key first step to healing that is often overlooked. She then serves as a discerning guide, gently encouraging and inspiring your healing journey with self-empowerment strategies and healing modalities to address every aspect of health and bring you into a state of vitality and wholeness.
Cindy knows the body and spirit have the innate ability to heal, and she loves helping you discover and implement this for yourself! She is conscientious about working within your budget, because she believes vibrant health should be accessible to everyone.

Get in touch with your inner wisdom, begin your journey

of holistic wellness, and start feeling your best!


Energy Healing

Remote and in-person energy healing with the Ampcoil and Quantum Biofeedback.

Elevate, energize, and balance your spirit, mind, and body with the AmpCoil. It provides Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, Light and Sound Modalities and microcirculation. The Ampcoil is ideal when you need an emotional, immunity, or energy boost, better feeling joints, improved organ health or better sleep.

The Genius Quantum Biofeedback can provide balancing frequencies for all body systems and allow you insight into life issues.

Holistic Life Coaching

Remote and in-person Life Coaching sessions with Cindy helps you to move forward in creating more fulfillment, joy and wellbeing in your life. Holistic life coaching can guide you to positive change by reconnecting you with your inner knowing – only you truly know what’s best for you. When you are in alignment with your core strengths, values and goals, you gain clarity, conviction and momentum to create the life you desire. Cindy guides you in learning the practices and life-long skills for lasting and continuous results.

Nutrition Coaching

Remote and in-person assessments nutrition guidance. Feeling your best is an attainable goal! Natural health uses diet to bring balance to your gut, guide you to your perfect weight, and balance all body systems. No two people need the same diet, as we are all as individual as snowflakes. Let Cindy help you create a holistic nutrition and menu plan, according to your individual tastes and lifestyle, to get you on the road to feeling and looking your best.

ZYTO Bioscan Consultation

Remote and in-person assessment and consultation using the FDA approved, comprehensive ZYTO Wellness technologies. Use State-of-the-Art science to take the guesswork out of your supplement and lifestyle choices. Get answers directly from your body to make informed decisions on supplements, foods, services, exercises, and more. Save time and money on your journey to greater wellbeing with Zyto Biocommunication.

Iridology Consultation

An iridology reading can provide valuable insight into the underlying causes of imbalances even before they manifest in the body. Iridology was taught at Harvard Medical School until the 1930’s when more invasive technologies, such as X-rays, became available and is still a valued health care modality in many countries. Iridology can provide information on the toxic accumulation, circulation and overall level of energy of your all your organs and body systems.

Herbal Consultation

Herbs are concentrated medicinal foods that have been used safely for thousands of years. Modern prescription drugs are based on herbs. The use of all-natural herbs helps to balance our body, mind and spirit. Consultation includes a look at what herbal, lifestyle, and dietary recommendations and remedies (and more!) could be of value for your healing journey.

There are more services…

please explore all of Cindy’s offerings!

Hear From Cindy’s Clients


JT Asheville, NC

I first started working with Cindy to address a recurring case of psoriasis that would not abate for over 18 months. After a couple PEMF sessions with Cindy, it cleared up and has not been an issue since!  Several months later when I had very uncomfortable signs of a urinary tract infection, I called Cindy and asked if she could work with me remotely. Within an hour of that call, the discomfort was gone and didn’t return!   Several months later I developed an excruciating cough. At my request, Cindy ran me remotely once on the Ampcoil PEMF. Within 2 ½ hours I felt 75% better and within a couple days I was completely through it! Not only do I work with Cindy periodically using PEMF for overall health maintenance, but she is also my first call when issues such as these arise!  Supporting my body through healing crises with natural and noninvasive modalities, such as PEMF, essential oils, herbs and supplements, I know is my best shot at optimal health!  I am so thankful that I discovered Cindy and her amazing tools and wisdom! My back injury healed up in record time, using the Ampcoil. I regularly run on the 33 minute Harmonizer Program, because I have feelings of physical and emotional well being after each session.

SB Franklin, NC

I started ‘running’ on the Ampcoil PEMF a week after breaking a bone in my foot. A week and a half later the x-ray showed no sign of the break. I’ve struggled for many years with blood sugar, kidney dysfunction, and blood pressure, just to name a few. After using the Ampcoil for a couple months, all my lab work came back perfect, the best it had been in about 20 years. My wife and I feel much better in every way since incorporating it into our health care regime. Thank you Cindy.

LG, Licensed Acupuncturist

The difference is absolutely remarkable. In the past 20 days, I have experienced a markedly increased sense of wellbeing and noticeably higher energy level….Thank you for the important work you do, and for helping me have the energy to do the work that I do!

CB, Hendersonville, NC

I came under Cindy Graham’s care after meeting someone who highly recommended her. I’d never heard of Ampcoil (PEMF) or Zyto scans, but was willing to try anything for my multiple health concerns. I was very tired, very emotional, bloated, gassy, and spacey. After only four sessions with Cindy, and by incorporating her tinctures and recipes, I feel so much better. My energy is way up (I just completed a nine mile kayak trip last Sunday), my spaciness has almost disappeared, and my gut stress has calmed down considerably. I am still working on many issues that the Zyto scan revealed – my first customized, personalized total system assessment that I’ve ever had. Cindy is gentle, knowledgeable, and very passionate about her healing processes. Also, her fees are very reasonable, much more affordable than naturopathic doctors, and her coaching is just as effective if not more so. PS: I am 70 years young.

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